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Testimonials Speak Volumes

With ACHIEVE College Counseling my daughter was accepted at Villanova University


Our college counselor was such an integral part of my daughter’s college application process. She helped her learn what colleges were really looking for and also how to focus on writing the best essay possible. I was most impressed by how she taught her to think outside the box. Ultimately, my daughter was accepted at Villanova University. She was also accepted with scholarships to several other schools she applied to. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Villanova in May 2022 with a BA in Communication and minors in Business and Italian.

 - A parent of a Villanova University alumna

My ACHIEVE Counselor's support helped me feel less anxious submitting my applications.

I am so grateful to have had my college counselor helping me with my college applications. When I started the college application process, I was very unsure of the direction I wanted to go in and which schools would suit my interests, but my counselor helped me by listening to my likes and dislikes and then creating an amazing list of schools which I would be happy to attend. Filling in the applications seemed so intimidating at first, but with my counselor working with me I was able to complete them before the deadline and understand the process so much better. My counselor’s support helped me feel less anxious about managing my applications along with school work by being so flexible and managing our sessions well. She was so helpful in answering my questions and it was a joy to work with her.

- A senior attending Chatham High School

ACHIEVE College Counseling helped all three of my children get into the colleges they wanted.


I can highly recommend Achieve. Their counselor helped all three of my children with the college application process and made the experience very personalized for each of them.  The counselor listened to them on what they wanted from college and guided them on how to get the most out of the process. They were very hands on but stressed the importance of each child managing their applications and following up on what needed to be completed for each timeline. I was very happy with the college acceptances for my children and where they landed.

- A parent of students attending Lehigh University, University of Maryland, and Trinity College

Working with ACHIEVE was a pleasure and so helpful!

Working with Achieve was a pleasure and so helpful! My counselor directed my college search and application process in a way that brought me to my dream school, Villanova University. Her relevant insights and resources helped me understand more about what I wanted out of a college experience as well.


- A student attending Villanova University

My ACHIEVE College Counselor's tips and advice made me feel comfortable and confident!

My counselor was helpful, supportive, and understanding. The essay-writing process was a smooth one for me. Applying to college can be an incredibly stressful experience, but my college counselor’s tips and advice, combined with her reassurance made me feel more comfortable and confident in the college application experience. Contact Achieve as soon as possible, you won't regret it!


- A student attending Skidmore College

ACHIEVE is the best! My Counselor was ALWAYS available for me.

ACHIEVE is the best! My college counselor helped me so much in nearly every aspect of the college application process. She let me know from the beginning that I could always reach out to her for questions, which was really helpful and nice. This made the whole ordeal less stressful because I always felt that I'm supported and everything was under control. My college counselor was very organized. In the beginning, we set a timeline that we stuck to perfectly. The feedback for anything pertaining to writing supplementals or anything else was always very constructive and helpful, making me feel confident in what I was submitting. 


- A senior attending Chatham High School

My daughter's ACHIEVE Counselor was very committed, attentive, and responsive!

ACHIEVE made going through this very simple and pleasurable! My daughter's college counselor was very committed, attentive, and responsive. The approach was very positive and constructive, and the counselor built a great relationship with my child. I felt she was very trustworthy, and my daughter felt that she could contact her anytime with questions. Our counselor was very encouraging and always gave my child the time that she needed. The process felt very smooth. I'm so grateful that we were able to work with ACHIEVE!


- A parent of a student attending Chatham High School

All 3 of my children got into the schools they wanted and ACHIEVE made it stress free.

Helping your kids on their college applications is a stressful event for both the parents and kids. Most 18 year olds have no idea where they want to go to school, what size of school they want to attend or what they want to study. Our family was lucky enough to find Achieve to help us. The counselor spent time with my three kids and helped them through the process. It was a family saving event. Not only was it stress free, but all three got into the schools they wanted. It would not have happened without their help. I would not hesitate to let Achieve lead any family through the college process.


- A parent of a George Mason University alumna and students attending Franklin & Marshall and Emory University

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