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99% of students have earned admission at one or more of the colleges and/or universities of their choice

Students have earned admission at the following colleges and universities:

New York University

Villanova University

George Mason University

Carnegie Mellon University

Lehigh University

Clemson University

Tulane University

Franklin & Marshall College

University of California - Berkeley

University of California - Los Angeles

University of Vermont

University of Connecticut

Binghamton University

Gettysburg University

Dickinson College

Penn State University

Marist College

College of Charleston

University of Tampa

Elon University

Seton Hall University

Fordham University

Syracuse University

American University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Virginia Tech

Rutgers University

The College of New Jersey

High Point University

Rowan University

St. Joseph’s University

Pace University

University of Ottawa

Providence College

Loyola University

Northeastern University

Lafayette College

Boston College

Skidmore College

University of Oregon

University of Maryland

University of Delaware

George Washington University

University of Pittsburgh

Boston University

Moravian University

Kutztown University

Elizabethtown College

Temple University

Western University

Drexel University

University of Calgary

And many more…

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